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Bar coding Protocols, label, scan

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We are developing a chemical tracking system and would like to use the barcodes that already exist on our Avantor Performance Materials products. Would it be possible for us to get a copy of you barcode and product description database?
Avantor Performance Materials uses the Health Industry Bar Code (HIBC) on all of our labels. The bar codes are easily read and interpreted when you understand the HIBC standard. The HIBC organization has a very informative website at which you may find useful.

Below is information about how to interpret the barcode on J.T.Baker and Macron Chemicals product labels:


Primary Barcode

Example Barcode: *+H4799681015M*


Indicates the barcode as HIBC Code 39


J.T.Baker ID# assigned by HIBC


Six digits represent the four digit Avantor Performance Materials product number and two digit suffix


Represents a case (2 would designate a bottle)


This is the check-digit which can be any letter


signifies the end of the barcode

Secondary Barcode

Example Barcode: +170260000021171H0
+ Signifies the initiation of the barcode
17026 Expiration Date (Julian Date): 17-year (2017); 026 is the chronological day of the year
0000021171 Avantor Performance Materials Lot Number
H Primary Check Digit
0 Secondary Check Digit
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